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Hue city is located in Thua Thien Hue prefecture and is in the central part of Vietnam. Although Hue has sustained much damage from natural disasters and wars, the city and most of the architecture remain. Legacies of the city’s dynastic past are everywhere and keep visitors busy with visits to elaborate tombs and pagodas, mausoleums and assembly halls. Threaded along the beautiful Perfume River, which flows through the city, these unique and extraordinary monuments serve as a guide to the lives of Vietnam’s last emperors.

Of the ancient capitals in Vietnam, Hue is the only one that still has the intact appearance of a complex of the monarchic capital consisting of walls, palaces, and royal tombs. Consequently, Hue is among Vietnam’s most valued national treasure in terms of history and heritage

In 1981, after visiting Hue, Mr. Amadou-Mahtar-M’Bow, then Director General of UNESCO proclaimed Hue to be “a masterpiece of urban poetry”. On December 11, 1993, UNESCO’s Director General, Federico Mayor acknowledged the Complex of Monuments of Hue to be a World Culture Heritage.

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