Cat Ba Tours

Cat Ba – the pearl island is the well-known archipelago in the whole country with a spectacular array of sea and island scenery, it covers an area of 20,000ha in the North-East of Hai Phong. It takes about one hour by high speed ferry to go to the island, or by land it is about 60 km passing 2 ferries, you will easily reach the pearl island. In the spacious sea, we suddenly see a tropical jungles.

Cat Ba National Park is the largest island in Halong Bay covering an area of more than 350 square kilometers. Cat Ba Island is actually comprised of 366 islets and islands and is home to a variety of forested zones, coastal mangrove, freshwater swamps, beaches, caves and waterfalls. The island is also home to more than 20,000 residents who main source of income is fishing and farming, although tourism is becoming an increasingly profitable way to make a living and many hotels and restaurants have sprung up on the island in recent years.

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